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Jeff Bell

My Story:

My mother had me perform in my first talent show when I was in kindergarten back in my hometown of Colorado Springs, Co. I won first place and was addicted to being on stage. I continued to perform anywhere I could. As I got older my skills grew to include singing, dancing, acting, modeling, and DJing. In my teenage years I did a lot of television work including various TV commercials, a spot on the TV show Unsolved Mysteries (I did a reenactment of a guy who claimed to have been chased by Bigfoot as a child), and I was a featured dancer on a local dance show.

I joined the Navy after high school and found myself in Jacksonville, Fl. When the ship I was stationed on was being decommissioned we threw ourselves a party. The ship hired a DJ and in hindsight, I know now that company parties are some of the most difficult parties to get people up and dancing. I went up to the DJ and asked him if I could use his mic. Everyone on my ship already knew me for being outgoing and being very entertaining so I got on the mic and got everyone up singing, dancing, and chanting. After that, it was a great party. At the end of the night, the DJ came up to me and asked me if I wanted a job. So that’s how I got into the business.

Professional Stats:

I’ve been DJing professionally for over 19 yrs. I’ve been one of the TOP wedding DJs for the last 15 yrs. This is not a part-time job for me. This is all I do and I take what I do very personally.

Career Highlights:

Performing on the Sprint Fanzone stage at The Daytona International Speedway. Being the Field MC for the Jacksonville Tomcats Arena Football team. Performing at The Jacksonville Landing stage for pre-Superbowl parties.

Favorite movies:

The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Hangover, and all the Toy Story movies. What?? They’re well written!

Favorite food:

Crab legs, Corned Beef and Cabbage, sandwiches, and anything with Sriracha on it!

Interesting fact:

I produced and hosted a hit local TV show in Jacksonville called Club @ccess as seen on FOX! I was a Casting Director for about a year in LA and provide background talent for music videos including Missy Elliot’s Gossip Folks, B2K’s Girlfriend, and 50 Cent’s In Da Club.

P.S. I want to thank my wonderful wife for helping me become the man I am today…

Mike Gilbert

MC Story:

I’m just glad my voice didn’t crack because you never know at that age! The way everyone stopped talking and listen to me made a lasting impression on me. I didn’t know until many years later on what I had and what I’d come to enjoy. I was training as a DJ for a former company I worked for before going on my own. He handed me the microphone and told me to make an announcement. Once again the adrenaline kicked in and I made the announcement stopping the crowd from what they were doing to completely transition to do something else. Afterward, he came up to me and said I think we found our next emcee. After some additional training, I was doing events as the lead MC & DJ.

DJ Story:

I didn’t start to DJ until 1998. I didn’t realize that growing up and listening to all sorts of different genres, thanks to my parents, growing up on how much it would help me. I was born outside of Cleveland but was raised in Harrisburg, Pa. Every weekend helping my dad work on cars and doing the list of chores my mom would give me, they had music playing from “The Oldies” station. Even driving to St. Augustine for vacations they had control of the music back then. I grew an appreciation of the music that came before my time and knew without the past we would never enjoy the music we listen to today. When I started to DJ weddings, Bar & Bar Mitzvahs, and other adult events, I knew what the adults wanted to hear and dance to. The rotation of songs came easy to me. This song would go great with this and that one. I did some local clubs in the early years but knew that the mobile DJ industry was where I wanted to be.

Entertainment Story:

It all started when I was in third grade. We started to dance while on recess. That’s right, duct-taping cardboard together turning on the music and break it down. We would draw crowds even the teachers got in on it! We would perform at talent shows. It was fun, we all hung out doing that while playing sports. I also played the drums or “percussion” from 4th grade through Graduation. We would perform with the band on competitions and even marching band after football was over. That would help me out with DJ’n and understanding matching songs up to the BPM (Beats Per Minute). When I grew older I moved down here in 1996 and started to go out with the friends I met. The dancing bug came out again and I was out there on the stage or dance box drawing the attention and feeding off the energy of the crowd. Every weekend I looked forward to going out entertaining thinking it would be cool to get paid for doing this. Then this guy Jeff, came up to me one night impressed on what I was doing and asked if I wanted to get paid for doing what I was doing in the night club. After my first wedding as a party host (dancer), March of 1998 at Deercreek Country Club, I was hooked!


Whether it’s dancing, Dj’n or emceeing I get a thrill performing and putting smiles on your family and friends faces. It’s rewarding in and of itself seeing people dance and have fun, knowing that I did that. I’m also honored and blessed to be a part of someone’s memories that they will cherish and look back upon with a smile knowing how much fun they had! I look forward to providing that for you as well!

Other Fun Stuff:

I like to spend time with the wife and kids as much as I can. We have four, two that have graduated high school and two that are in Middle school. I also like eating great Italian food which is one of the many reasons I love my wife so much. Her family runs two Italian restaurants in town. Going alphabetically is Enza’s Italian Restaurant and Vito’s Italian Restaurant. Check them out! I’m constantly on a diet, lol! I also like to surf fish as well. When it comes to watching TV, I watch whatever the kids are watching unless it’s football season then Game On! LOL God help our Jags!!

Devin Carvajal

Devin's History:

After DJing for a relatively short time, Devin is now one of the most sought after, young DJs in Jacksonville. On average, Devin does 2.5 shows a week from weddings, bar mitzvahs, clubs, and special events. Has performed at several poplar nightclubs such as Myth Nightclub, Mavericks, and Ruby Beach Brewing in Jacksonville and has opened for national recording artists such as the Ying Yang Twins and Ty Doll’a Sign. One his favorite genres is Latin music because of his Cuban heritage. Loves the TV shows, the Office and loves his golden doodle, Oakley!

James Bell

My Accomplishments:

  • 2001 1st place Theater arts in North Florida
  • 2003 1st place Theater arts at the Miami open
  • 2005-2007 1st place Theater arts/ Cabaret at the First Coast Classic
  • 2007 6th place at Ohio star ball (which is the United states open)
  • 2007 1st place in Jacksonville’s Dancing with the stars
  • 2008 2nd place Jacksonville DWTS
  • Ranked 6th in nation 2007 Ohio star ball

Interesting fact:

I produced and hosted a hit local TV show in Jacksonville called Club @ccess as seen on FOX! I was a Casting Director for about a year in LA and provide background talent for music videos including Missy Elliot’s Gossip Folks, B2K’s Girlfriend, and 50 Cent’s In Da Club.

Jason Doll

What type of events do you enjoy DJing?

My favorite events are any with lots of energy and excitement. From getting friends and family to celebrate a wedding with every ounce of dancing they have to bring the intensity to a big competition.

What’s your favor DJ memory?

My favorite DJ memories are from times when I had the biggest challenges. Packing a dance floor after a bride and groom tell me their friends and family probably won’t dance at all.

What’s your hobby or other interests

I’m also a weightlifting and CrossFit instructor as well as being a competitive weightlifter. Also have an electrical engineering degree.

How long have you been doing it?

DJ-ing started as a hobby and grew from there. I was also very interested in fitness and found a way to combine the two and started DJing at fitness competitions and events. From there I grew into doing weddings and other parties.

Photos Of Us In Action!

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Chelsea Hart Wiley By far the best DJ I've ever seen!!!! Never seen one that interacted with everyone like he did!!! A++++ DEFINITELY!!
Christi Patterson Best DJ ever!! At my wedding nobody stayed sitting down! Best hands down!
Sahra Ann Riser There are no words to describe this man, absolutely amazing, any other DJ choice is the wrong One! The day after our wedding my family and friends could not stop talking about Jeff, they said 'he's amazing', 'I've never seen a DJ come out of their booth before' , and I even got high fived by several different people on the choice of DJ.Thank you for everything! A+++++
Denise Renée Cheshire‎ It's been almost 2 years since our wedding and people still talk about how much fun it was. People don't bring up the food, cake, decorations, or flowers. They bring up how awesome the DJ was. My Aunt said “He was the best entertainer I've seen. I say entertainer, and not DJ, because he was so much more than a DJ. He really got people dancing and was wonderful to watch” He knew the perfect time to play the songs we had to have. I can’t thank Jeff enough. He was worth every penny and I would have paid more knowing what value he brought to the event.
Stephanie Futch Todd‎ Just wanted to say that after 4 years of marriage peeps still talk about how much fun our wedding was... which I totally attribute to Jeff Bellbecause he definitely kept the party going and was beyond full of entertainment:) Thanks again Mr. for making our day so amazing and memorable! I would recommend u to anyone! U = amazeballs;)
Sharon Cohen Herbst‎ Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on Saturday night! Seeing as how Sydney danced for 4 hours straight, and couldn't move the next day, I'd say it was quite a success! You were awesome!!
Katie Freedman Kight Jeff knocked it out of the park this weekend! Our Bat Mitzvah at Sweet Pete's was amazing & Jeff and crew kept the party hopping to the very end. Kids and adults all had an amazing time!
Benjamin H Pukay Still hearing from people how great the DJ was for my wedding. Jeff goes above and beyond. Highly recommend using him
Kristina Warner I recently worked with Jeff Bell at a wedding and he did a great job at keeping the crowd dancing! love all the props he brought and how he was out on the dance floor as well!
Amy Green Excellent across the board!!! Highly recommend Jeff!!!!
Tay Scheibe You just can't get any better than the Jeff Bell Experience!
Amanda Dougherty Working with Jeff last night was ABSOLUTELY unforgettable!!! With everything going on with the hurricane, Jeff was able to work his magic and made one night to Remember can't wait to work with you again!!
Jenn Przybyslawski I have worked weddings with Jeff for over ten years so when I was getting married there was nobody else that I wanted to DJ than Jeff! His energy is crazy and makes you feel like you are at the best party ever. He is absolutely worth every penny and more! Thank you for making our night an absolute blast Jeff!
Michelle Shafer As a wedding photographer myself, I have worked with MANY DJ's. But Jeff is INCREDIBLE! WOW just WOW is all you can say about him! Thanks for an amazing night and cant wait to work together more! <3 <3
Mindy Lynn Jeff is an amazing DJ. One of the best in Jacksonville. A DJ can make or break a wedding reception. Jeff knows how to engage the crowd and get them dancing on the dance floor. I would highly recommend him!
Kaeleigh Lloyd Solorzano Jeff was an awesome DJ at my wedding! He kept the flow and party going the entire night. Would highly recommend him to anyone! Even my wedding coordinator was saying that he was the best dj she had ever seen and she would be recommending him to future clients!
Haley Jean Jeff was our DJ for our wedding almost one year ago 4/27/13. He went above and beyond to ensure we had the best music for our ceremony and reception. I highly recommend Jeff for any wedding or party. He is professional, on time, energetic, and makes sure that you and your groom have the exact experience you want on your big day. Jeff makes everyone dance the entire time! Your guests will be sweating. Jeff, thank you so much for helping make our wedding day so great!
Ashley Butler BEST DJ EVER. I repeat, EVER. Enough said.
Mandy Sweat Hands down best DJ!
Kimberly Smith Reed He had everyone one the floor. Yes, even my husband's reserved father was out there gettin down!!!!!!
Vivian Raquel Gut Absolutely the best time I've had.
Troy Murphy He was able to make me feel comfortable enough to dance the whole night away!
Aaron Jensen Jeff was the DJ at our wedding.... no,no,no. Jeff was the entertainer at our wedding. If you want to have everyone out of their seats and on the dance floor Jeff is your man. Hands down the best DJ for a wedding. 100%. My family is still mentioning how awesome our DJ was.
Doug Sallas Jeff did our wedding on 10/11/14 and he was amazing. Everyone that attended complimented him and how much of a party it was. If you want more than a DJ then get Jeff.
Lyndsey Henion He has so much experience that he knows exactly what every couple is looking for
Sena Lizenbee Thanks to the best DJ EVER!!
Doug Sallas He was amazing
Brittany Morris Jeff was absolutely amazing!
Laurie De La Cruz We have used Jeff twice. He did our daughter's sweet sixteen years ago and her wedding two weeks ago. He is amazing! He gets everyone up and dancing. He bring props and dances with you. Many guest said it was the best wedding they had ever attended. He is worth every penny!
Kerrie Coubrough Fleming SO glad we chose Jeff.
Christopher Nooney Not only did he keep our guests on the dance floor but he is extreme organized.
Clair Duguay Best DJ ever he had everybody dancing all night long so happy we had him at my daughter‘s wedding if you need a good DJ he s the guy
Kerrie Coubrough Fleming Nearly every single guest came up to us to tell us how awesome our DJ was.
Evan Wheeler Pick Jeff your wedding is sure to be amazing!
Kelsey Parman Roth They don't come better than this guy!! I think it's almost time for our family to throw another party just so he can come DJ for us!!
Samantha Fowlkes Jeff Bell did an outstanding job at Vivian and Ryan's wedding this past weekend. He made sure it was a streamlined and amazing experience for us all. Thanks Jeff!
Omar Muñoz Truly memorable!!!!!!!
Emily Murphy 150 guest- literally all of which he got on the dance floor (even the ones who were suffering some physical injuries, he was seriously that good). was getting the groom on the dance floor!
Chris Henion Jeff Bell is awesome
Mindy Lynn Jeff is an amazing DJ
Haley Jean Jeff makes everyone dance the entire time!
Lyndsey Henion He did an amazing job
Tiffany Casazza Jeff did an amazing job!
Katie Freedman Kight An amazing time!
Patsy Dye effortlessly brought people together to dance
Kerrie Coubrough Fleming get everyone up on the dance floor.
Iraisa LeBlanc He knows how to keep the party going from young to old
Lashanda Schmidt It was AMAZING!!! The DJ was off the chain!
Tiffany Casazza he always had them up and dancing!
Britany Tarczewski DJ Jeff Bell was the best decision my husband, Rob, and I made for our May 2017 wedding.
Clair Duguay he had everybody dancing all night long
Ayla Burnett Best dj ever! Absolutely amazing.
Ayla Burnett Everyone was up and dancing. There were people dancing that told me they never dance!
Jimmy Manos The talk of the night!
Alex Cerpa He is more than a DJ, he is an entertainer and a party starter for sure!
Alex Cerpa Not a single guest was sitting down once we hit the dance floor!
Evan Wheeler With our mixed crowd of guests and not a lot of dancers, Jeff had everyone up dancing and everyone is still talking about how much fun they had! Jeff Bell > any other DJ. Money very well spent. If you pick Jeff your wedding is sure to be amazing!
Jeffrey Dagdag I don’t really dance, but he had me dancing the whole time. Somehow got my dad on dance floor, never seen him dance before.
Jimmy Manos The talk of the night! Jeff did an amazing job all around.
Kaeleigh Lloyd Solorzano Jeff was an awesome dj
Melanie Nicole Great job at Vivian & Ryan's wedding this weekend!! Great time had by all. Once again, didn't disappoint at all!
Kimberly Smith Reed Go with the Jeff Bell Experience!!!! Worth every penny and more!!!!
Iraisa LeBlanc Jeff was so awesome
Lashanda Schmidt Ohhh my GOD!!!!! My daughter got married to the love of her life March 12, 2016. It was AMAZING!!! And believe you me the DJ was off the chain! I would recommend his services to any and all! The BEST!
Lori D Hoefer Highly recommend Jeff for entertainment.
Heather Wilson Anderson he kept the dance floor packed all night. Everyone from our three year old flower girl and ring bearer to our 91 year old grandfather were getting down.
Aaron Jensen If you want to have everyone out of their seats and on the dance floor Jeff is your man.
Jacqueline Lira Words cannot express how blessed we are to have had you as our DJ for our wedding. You truly made the night run smoothly and everyone commented on how great you were! Thank you so much, Jeff!!!
Evan Wheeler Jeff had everyone up dancing
Emily Murphy Jeff was the ABSOLUTE BEST DJ
Samantha Fowlkes Amazing experience for us all
Amber Wynne He made everyone feel so comfortable on the dance floor

A Few Questions I Get

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Every bride I meet with I ask them to tell me about the last wedding they attended. 9 out of 10 brides say the last wedding they went to was horrible! That means there are a lot more bad DJs out there than good! Every DJ is going to tell you they are the best. Ask around. Has anyone else heard of this DJ? Ask your other wedding professionals. Check references, websites, and social media.

People tend to think a DJ is a DJ is DJ. All DJs are not the same. Just because a DJ is amazing at a night club doesn’t mean he knows how to DJ a wedding. I’ll tell you a secret… Most night club DJs do not like to talk on a microphone. That’s kind of an important part of a wedding DJ. A wedding is a ceremonial tradition that needs to be handled with some sophistication. Your DJ needs to also be an MC and be able to introduce traditions with class and grace…

Most DJs stay behind the DJ booth and just play music. I get out on the floor and interact with your guest.

Helping couples make their wedding something no one will forget.

Why am I more expensive than other DJs? Quality and experience are not cheap. I have well over 500 amazing weddings under my belt. Do you really want to entrust your once in a lifetime special day to the lowest bidder? Remember, you get what you pay for… A Cheap DJ isn’t good and a good DJ isn’t Cheap

Too many!

Out of all the professionals you hire for your wedding the DJ is the only one who does not have a piece of paper that states he has successfully completed sometime of training that would indicate he is competent and proficient in his skilled. What I mean is most the people you hire have or do have the ability to obtain a college degree in their perspective fields. This is not the case for a DJ. I’m sure somewhere in the US there is someone teaching some sort of DJ course but as far as I know there is no accredited validated educational program that churns out top notch DJs.

I’ve been DJing professionally for over 19 yrs, and a TOP wedding DJ for the last 15. This is not a part-time job, it's a passion I take personally.

I joined the Navy after high school and found myself in Jacksonville, Fl. When the ship I was stationed on was being de-commissioned we threw ourselves a party. The ship hired a DJ and during the party I went up to the DJ and asked if I could use his mic. I got on the mic and got everyone up singing, dancing, and chanting. At the end of the night the DJ came up to me and asked me if I wanted a job. I've been delivering ever since.